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TMA Wire /TMA Arch Wire/ TMA 14 Inch Straight Length

TMA wire is bendable and can be formed by doctors, provides force levels only about 40% of the equivalent stainless steel wire, and its elasticity is about 2 times than stainless steel wire (2 times elastic deformation range of SS wire). Compare to SS wire, the clinical benefits of TMA are: More elastic, for longer tooth movement distance.Express torque better and earlier(use bigger size TMA wireinstead of round or small size SS wire). Improve customer satisfaction as the stiffness is much less.

 SizeUpperLower14 Inch
Round Wire0.012BT12UBT12LBT12S
Rectangular Wire0.014 x 0.025BT142UBT1425LBT1425S
0.016 x 0.016BT1616UBT1616LBT1616S
0.016 x 0.022BT1622UBT1622LBT1622S
0.016 x 0.025BT1625UBT1625LBT1625S
0.017 x 0.025BT1725UBT1725LBT1725S
0.018 x 0.025BT1825UBT1825LBT1825S
0.019 x 0.025BT1925UBT1925LBT1925S
0.021 x 0.025BT2125UBT2125LBT2125S
 Also available in 14 inch straight length


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