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  • Nitinol Stone Removal Basket

    Basket with or without tip(for atraumatic manipulation).
    Remarkable kink resistant.
    Available in any customized geometric constructions, sizes and surfaces.

  • Nitinol Guide Wire

    Available in various wire sizes, tip designs.
    High kink resistant, effective torque control, and ideal combination of stiffness and flexibility.

  • Nitinol Spring

    Various types of Nitinol springs with different sizes, forces and surfaces.
    For spring coil guide wire, orthodontic etc.

  • Nitinol Featured Wire

    Perfect Straight Wire
    For any flat or round wire sizes, lengths and packages.
    0ne-to-one torque.
    Used in the production of guide wire, stone basket, snare and orthodontic appliance.
    High Tensile Wire
    Tensile strength is greater than 1500 MPa.
    Better support force and fatigue resistance, appropriate for stent braiding, guide wire etc.

  • Nitinol Tubing

    Nitinol Tube
    All kinds of round and oval tubes.
    Perfect straight tubes are available.
    Tubing component
    Customize for any medical tubing components.
    For the production of catheter, endoscopy accessory and injection needle.
    One-stop personalized service.

  • Other Nitinol Devices

    We wish to research and develop together with you, transforming your great innovations into perfect Nitinol Devices.