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Aesthetic NiTi Wire

The appearance of Aesthetic Archwire blends well with the patient's tooth structure.
Most advanced coating processes and coating materials ensure the coating with high durability and great wearing resistance. Extra smooth surface. Both Aesthetic NiTi Wire and Aesthetic Stainless Steel Wire are available.

Aesthetic NiTi Wire
 SizeWhite ColorBeige Color
Round Wire0.012AWN12UAWN12LAWN12UAWN12L
Rectangular Wire0.014 x 0.025AWN1425UAWN1425LAWN1425UAWN1425S
0.016 x 0.016AWN1616UAWN1616LAWN1616UAWN1616S
0.016 x 0.022AWN1622UAWN1622LAWN1622UAWN1622S
0.016 x 0.025AWN1625UAWN1625LAWN1625UAWN1625S
0.017 x 0.025AWN1725UAWN1725LAWN1725UAWN1725S
0.018 x 0.025AWN1825UAWN1825LAWN1825UAWN1825S
0.019 x 0.025AWN1925UAWN1925LAWN1925UAWN1925S
0.021 x 0.025AWN2125UAWN2125LAWN2125UAWN2125S
l  Pack of 10
l  Single pack
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